10 Tips to going plastic free in 2020

February 26, 2020 3 min read

We may be a little late to the party as far as new year’s resolutions are concerned, but we’re big believers in never late than never! This year, Girl and the Sun is focusing on the little changes we can make with an emphasis on sustainability. Each year, the average Australian produces 1.5 tonnes of waste. Much of this consists of plastic which is harmful in its manufacture, use and disposal due to being a non-renewable source and key driver of pollution.  If you’re like us and at this point are asking yourself, ‘so how can I cut down on this?’ then read on for 10 tips to going plastic free in 2020.

1. Ditch the cling wrap!
There are so many alternatives for storing food that will help you minimise on single use plastic! Invest in some Tupperware or good storage containers. Try beeswax or re-usable silicone wraps instead of cling wrap. This will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but there are so many handy tutorials around that will tell you how to make your own cute wraps. Get the girls together for an afternoon of cocktails and craft! 
    2. Give your bathroom an eco-makeover
    Swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush. Plastic toothbrushes are difficult, if not impossible to recycle and bamboo toothbrushes can be found in most supermarkets. Use unpackaged bar soap instead of liquid hand wash. Not only is handmade bar soap pretty to look at, it comes in the most divine fragrances and is great to give as gifts! Pick some up at your local farmers market, make your own or stock up when you head to Lush for bath bombs!
      3. Remember to recycle
      We know it’s hard to eliminate single use plastic altogether, so make sure you recycle the plastic you do use! Recycle cans and bottles and visit an Enviro-bank to get cash back for your containers - local supermarkets such as Coles offer collection kiosks to recycle your soft plastics. Reuse any plastic containers or bags to lengthen their lifespan.
        4. BYO Bag
        Use reusable bags whenever you go shopping - Keep them in your handbag/car so you don’t forget them! Even reusing existing plastic bags makes a difference
          5. Step away from the plastic
          Try to avoid buying individually wrapped products, including fruit and vegetables.
          Opt instead to choose from the loose section and pop them straight into the fridge or fruit basket when you get home. We love these re-usable produce bags from Seed & Sprout: You can also buy in bulk and portion at home instead to avoid unnecessary packaging. This is a great way to save money! A quick google will let you know of any bulk food stores in your local area.
            6. Support Local
            Visiting the farmer’s market is also a great way to get fresh produce without packaging! Gather your girls for coffee and a morning of scoping out the markets!
              7. Purchase a reusable water bottle
              Water is free from the tap so why would you pay for it? If you can, purchase one made from glass or stainless steel rather than plastic. Keeping a reusable water bottle on your desk at work or with you in your bag will also encourage you to drink more water – bonus!
                8. Invest in a keep cup
                Some cafes will even offer you a discount if you bring your own cup, plus they are super cute!
                  9. Be Prepared
                  Purchase reusable cutlery to use when you go out and keep it in your car or handbag for easy access
                    10. Refuse plastic straws
                    If you do need to use one, try to reuse it throughout the night or invest in a portable metal one.


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