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Meet our new range: Kids and the Sun

by Hannah Schmith |

We are so excited to finally introduce our newest range, Kids and the Sun! A collection of quality made, functional and easy to wear pieces for the mini muse in your life! With our founder and fearless leader Zoi having two minis of her own, adding a kids wear range felt like a natural progression for the label.


“Adding a kids line to Girl & The Sun was not always something I envisioned however after having children of my own (Adoni 2.5yrs old and Santhi 6months old) it seemed like such a natural option for us to add to our brand. I have always personally loved neutral tones for myself and when I had my son I bought him mostly neutral coloured clothing and accessories. I also felt like it was a smart idea to keep them neutral as I always wanted more children and that way all of them would be able to wear the hand me down clothing and I wouldn’t have to have separate boys or girls things. And so came to be…Kids & The Sun”

- Zoi Vafias, Founder


The current collection features versatile and gender neutral staples, created to be passed down and loved for generations to come. Tonal colour palettes born of Australia’s coastlines are married with pieces that are soft, stretchy and super comfortable. As an extension of the Girl and the Sun philosophy, each piece is inspired by days spent in the sun, adventuring, exploring, learning and playing!