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Working from home? This routine will help keep you sane

by Hannah Schmith |

With the world being thrown into the craziness that is COVID-19 many of us have found ourselves having to readjust from working in an office space to working from inside our homes.  Our homes are often our sanctuary, a place we associate with relaxation, and comfort, so transforming it into a productive space can be a challenge. We have gathered some helpful tips that will allow you to ensure productivity and motivation in your newfound home office.
Working from home you might find yourself being tempted to sleep in past your alarm, stay in your pyjamas and work from your bed. This might work for some but we have found that waking up on time and keeping your body clock in tune is our first step to productivity! Next pick out a cute outfit (you might have to dress corporate for the office, but this is your chance to wear all those clothes you had saved up for Euro Summer) maybe put on a little make up, or if you want something more subtle to give your skin a break you could opt for a BB cream or  hydrating serum.
Creating a perfect workspace means: good lighting, preferably near a window; A good sized desk (or dining room table will do); a comfortable chair to support your posture; and a touch of you – maybe adding a picture of a loved one or a nice smelling candle or incense. A few plants wouldn’t go astray either! 
This one is important! Setting out your day by the hour will help you avoid being distracted by your phone, TV or even by giving your puppy too many cuddles (guilty! All of us dog lovers at GATS HQ are too familiar with this one). Keeping your day in a routine with the same start time, finish time and lunch breaks will keep you on track and will also allow you enough time to make sure you complete all your important tasks.
One thing that most of us will be missing is the social interaction that you have in the office everyday - that quick chat you have on your lunch break about your leftovers or passing conversation about the latest Netflix show you are watching. Staying in touch with your co-workers is a great way to keep each other accountable and give you that daily dose of social interaction.
Keeping your body moving is so important, even more so now when we are staying inside majority of the time. Do a little dance, have a stretch or go for a micro walk throughout your day. It will keep your blood flowing and give your eyes a break from the computer screen.

We hope you are all well and staying safe. Remember to #stayhome whenever you can and enjoy your new home office routine!