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A guide to indoor plants… and getting them to love you back!

by Hannah Schmith |

2020 has been a year of unprecedented times, and it has been hard not to feel overwhelmed with everything that is going on in the world. With this in mind, we have been trying to shift our energy to focus on the things that are inside our circle of influence and with many of us spending so much time indoors it makes sense to bring a bit of nature inside to us! Enter indoor plants! Not only do they look beautiful and instantly transform a space, they also work to purify air inside the home – what’s not to love! 

The most important thing to consider when choosing plants for your space is the amount of light you have available. If you have any fur babies in your life, then also don’t forget to make sure that your plants aren’t toxic to dogs and cats. If you’re new to the plant life (everyone has to start somewhere), read on as we’ve rounded up some of our favourite indoor plants that will thrive in the home and are easy to look after.


Not only is the snake plant super cute, but they’re also very easy to look after, even for a plant beginner. This plant flourishes in pretty much any lighting, and also requires minimal watering (the dream!). Water your Snake Plant sparingly - about every couple of weeks, allowing the soil to dry out completely between drinks. This plant is perfect to add some greenery to an empty corner as they grow vertically and can get quite tall! Don’t forget to trim off the points as they can become quite sharp!


If you have a bad track record with plants, the Zanzibar Gem is the one for you! Low light and low watering means everyone is happy! To look after your Zanzibar, keep it dry, watering thoroughly every second month. They tend to grow quite slowly, so you also shouldn’t need to repot. Minimal effort, but maximum style!

Is there anyone who isn’t a fan of the humble cactus? Cacti are great for a space of any size because they are available in so many different shapes and sizes, from tiny little window sill cuties, to bigger and more mature cacti. They are super easy to look after and prefer spots that are bright and sunny. Place your cacti somewhere that gets lots of light, but just make sure they aren’t in direct sunlight or they can get burnt. During winter, just give your cacti a little sip of water about once a month. Perfect for a desk, bookshelf or balcony.

Devil’s ivy is virtually invincible! They are happy living in moderate to low light (great for a bathroom) and are pretty hard to overwater as they like their soil kept moist. They can even be propagated to grow in water and look super cute growing in a vase or up-cycled bottle.

Rubber plants are a great option if you’re looking for a bigger sized houseplant. They’re fairly low maintenance and quite straight forward to look after, preferring bright, indirect light. It’s best to try and avoid moving them around – find one spot that gets a good amount of light and leave them there to flourish. Water your ficus about once a week when the top soil has had a chance to dry out. In Winter, you’ll only need to water him once or twice a month as this is the dormant growth period. To keep your Rubber Plant happy, don’t forget to wipe down the leaves with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any dust.