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BTS - With Muse Christina Macpherson

by Hannah Schmith |



Our latest collection, Tides, was shot in a hidden cove in dreamy New Zealand, staring our forever muse, Christina Macpherson. Christina takes us behind the scenes of the shoot and shares with us her favourite pieces, styling tips and a few things close to hear heart. 

Tell us about the dreamy shoot location - it is gorgeous!

It IS gorgeous! It's a cove that's quite hidden on the beaches of New Zealand - surrounded by rock, mountain, and sand.
There were seals and dolphins swimming just on the banks the day we shot - truly magical.

How did you style these pieces and where can you see yourself wearing them? 

For the day, these pieces work perfectly together. I can wear them at home, on the beach, or dress them up with a heal and a tighter fitting top or bottom. Easy!

What is your take on our Tides collection? 

I really resonate with this collection - it's stripped back to the basics, something I tend to do with my own sense of style.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection? 

I think the long green Element Pants are my favourite. They hang perfectly and are so incredibly soft.


What are your beach day essentials?

All the slip-slop-slap necessities, plus a very good book.

What inspires you in everyday life?

Oh, what a question! Life itself does! The fact we've got a very short time on this little blue dot drives me to experience, learn, and grow as much as I can.

What's something you love doing in your down time?

I'm passionate about reading and writing, and encouraging others to do the same. This seemingly simple practice can have so many positive effects on us emotionally. I've actually just released my 4-week creative writing course, available here:

Are there any causes that are close to your heart?

Recently, we signed up to regularly (weekly) donate to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation - a not-for-profit that provides literacy and educational programs for remote indigenous communities in Australia.